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As we all know, Yoga is super fashionable. There are centers where you can practice it in almost every town, there are many stores with clothing specialized in yoga and surely we all know someone who has gone on a spiritual retreat on vacation or who has even trained as a teacher.
To me personally, it seems like a very positive fashion and I think it has come to stay.
And why are we more and more yogis? The answer is simple: for its benefits. .

And it is that this ancient practice helps us on three levels: physical, mental and spiritual.

Yoga has so many benefits like:

· Strengthens our immune system: practicing yoga reduces the levels of cortisol (the so-called "stress hormone"). A lower level of this hormone creates more resistance to many diseases and lowers blood pressure. It also helps prevent digestive problems and sleeping difficulties.

· Healthy nervous system: Yoga makes us more connected with ourselves and relaxed in our day to day, so that we reduce our heart rate and blood pressure.

· Improves the way we breathe:
Good breathing improves, reduces our stress, improves our mood, slows down the heart rate and relaxes the muscles.

Increases our flexibility: Being flexible helps to relieve the muscular tensions generated in our body and therefore reduces the risk of injury.

Improve our posture: Yoga relocate our body and helps prevent back, neck and leg pain caused by bad posture, sedentary habits or stress.

Strengthens our muscles and bones: Its practice helps prevent bone loss and tones us.

· Increases our self-confidence and self-control: Through meditation and asanas, we will learn not to get carried away so much by our emotions, and thus we create a greater internal confidence.

Well, the list of benefits is huge since it brings different things to each individual. For example,for me, the practice of yoga connects me with the present and helps me lower my heartbeat from day to day. It seems to me an act of self-love to spend a little time being with ourselves and really listening to each other.

Much love and thanks for reading us !!